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Courses in Hair

Every Saturday Between 10am To 11am Or Between 4pm To 5pm, Attend Our ‘FREE’ Seminar on Hair. To Register simply Give a Missed Call on 022-4942 18 18.


Every Saturday Between 11am To 4pm, Attend our 1 Day Certificate Oriented ‘Hair Workshop’, Where You Pay Just nominal fee (Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000) & Happen To See Various Demo on Our Hair Treatment Trainings.  To Register simply Give a Missed Call on 022-4942 18 18.



(Monday to Friday)

I am an Artist & Hair is My Canvas. We offer Courses in Hair Cutting, Hair Styling, Hair Colouring & Hair Chemicals. All in All Its a Complete Hair Dressing Course. Rigorous Hair Training involves Detailed study of Hairs, Hairs disorders, Scalp analysis, Along with knowledge of rebonding & smoothening. Learning doesn't end here. there is knowledge of international products that is being given to you. Professional ethics, Personal grooming & Skin Consultation with clients & even much more.

At our Hair academy, you learn about all advance and latest hair styles and cuts.

All in all this Hair dressing course  at our Hair academy makes you complete Hair professional. 

Daily 4 batches (Join any batch:10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm or 3pm-5pm or 6pm-8pm).

Duration of Hair training varies from minimum of 20 hrs to 390 hrs. 

Also we have courses of Doctors (of any fraternity) who want to flourish their general practice. Courses for doctors are Clinical Cosmetology, Clinical Trichology and Hair Transplant training. Doctors and even interns of any fraternity are welcome.

(Show your Student ID card and GET 50% OFF)

At the end You will be awarded NATIONAL SKIN INSTITUTE certificate.

To Register simply Give a Missed Call on 022-4942 18 18.


Register by Paying Just 

Course Duration : 5 hrs-390hrs
Course Fees : INR 1000

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